Project and Team Workplace for Office 365

Manage projects and team work easily and efficiently in Office 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.





Everything at a glance

Seamless combines selected collaboration functions from Office 365 for project tasks in a simple but smart, intuitive user interface. All information is presented centrally at one place.


Intuitive tools

Workspace owners add the apps to the dashboard that are used in the project in one click. He can choose from predefined apps for document management, project planning, organization and controlling, and customized apps.


Organize your Team

Simply invite internal and external project members through intuitive access control.


Integrate your ERP or CRM

Expand your processes and existing ERP, CRM and industry solutions with the advanced features of Office 365 and SharePoint for project work such as document versions, sharing, or search.


Better communication

Keep your project team up to date with group chats, online meetings, telephony, and web conferencing in Microsoft Teams.

Everything at a glance

Each workspace has a clearly arranged dashboard. Its intuitive apps present the various aspects of the project. Once logged on, a user sees all the information at a glance, and the team works centrally in one place.

With just one click, project managers can add the apps used in the project to the workspace. Predefined apps are available for project planning, project organisation and document management, and customised apps are also available as required.

Office 365
Collaboration tools

Documents and notes
Thanks to Seamless, you can use the multiple advantages of documents in SharePoint like sharing, versioning, concurrent editing, offline files and access via Office apps.

Tasks, meetings and more…
SharePoint offers many tools for collaboration in projects and teams. Each app on the dashboard represents one aspect and showcases the information which are relevant for you as a user.


Cloud services

Tools from third-party providers

CAD data, simulation data, model data, and other special data
In the Seamless workspace you can display data and information from specialist applications stored in Microsoft Azure.

3rd party cloud
You can also have project data displayed at any time from popular cloud services like Google G Suite, Atlassian Confluence, Jira, Microsoft Dynamics and Dropbox via interfaces


Meta-information & settings
Management of individual meta-information per workspace type. Synchronisation with your ERP, CRM and industry solution.

Security & permissions
Simple access control for internal and external members as well as control of visibility, status and external sharing.

Overview of upcoming project events. Creation of events for your team. Integration with Outlook.

Assessment and monitoring of project risks, assessment of probability and effect of risk scenarios, and definition of strategies for risk mitigation.

Public & sensitive documents and notes
Creation and editing of documents and OneNote notebooks for the complete team or a limited audience.

Defects list
Logging, reporting and tracking of defects via smartphone or in the web browser.

Seamless & teams
Company-wide communication with persistent chat, audio and video conferences and screen sharing.

Google-style search of workspaces, documents and people.

Tasks & milestones
Planning and management of tasks from MS Project, SharePoint task list and Microsoft Planner. Hierarchical display of work packages and results. Assignment of tasks and project status tracking.

More apps
Creation of individual apps and workflows based on SharePoint document libraries and lists.

Management of relevant project emails in a central mailbox.

3rd Party Tools
With Seamless you can continue to use your legacy intranet solution and third-party tools like Nintex workflows.


Custom Apps

You would like to display information from your legacy CRM, ERP and industry solutions and map existing procedures in your company? No problem!

If required, we develop custom apps. And it doesn‘t matter whether they display content and information from on-premises systems, Office 365 or other cloud services.

Typical examples:
· Final project costing
· Reporting of contribution margin
· Financial and quality key data
· Defects lists and reports
· Project workflows and quality management
· Document templates
· Standard tasks and checklists
· CAD storage in Azure

Workspace templates & corporate branding

You configure the workspace templates. Seamless uses them as a basis for automatically creating your workspaces. In addition to custom configuration and design you also select your organisation structure, different types of workspaces, metadata and standardised folder structures.

officeatwork Template Chooser for SharePoint

Using the officeatwork Template Chooser for SharePoint you can more easily find, use and manage your templates in SharePoint. This is the reason why we have integrated the Template Chooser for SharePoint in our offer for you.

Per User

Monthly per user (read and write), externals are free, e.g. for internal use.

Per workspace

Monthly price per workspace (internal and external users are included) e.g. when operating Seamless as a project platform for your customers. The costs plus additional margin will be charged to your customer.


The two models can also be combined if required.


Pay as you go

No purchasing costs, no unnecessary licences – our customers pay only for those employees who actually use the solution. You can adjust the number of licences up or down as required. The more licences you have, the lower the unit price.



An Azure subscription is not necessary.


Office 365 licences

The requirement for Seamless is a SharePoint online licence from Office 365. Any plan can be used as long as it includes SharePoint.


No lock-in

If you want to uninstall Seamless, your data remains unchanged and you can continue to use it. Only the Seamless interface and the automatic provision of predefined workspaces and tools are removed.


Automatic updates

Seamless is operated and maintained in Azure by AskMeWhy. New functions are updated regularly at no extra cost – no „reinvestments“ are necessary.

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