Simplify project work

Office 365 and SharePoint solution for projects



Single Point of Entry

See all relevant information at a glance. Each project has a consistent home screen and standardized tools for project work. Thus, collaborators easily find their way around in the project and can focus on their tasks.


Project portfolio

Keep track of the status of all your relevant projects. Our reports have the usual filtering and sorting functions and consider the permissions set for each  project.



Simply invite your internal and external team members and start to collaborate. You define which tools are relevant and will be used in the project.


Integrate your ERP or CRM

Expand your processes and existing ERP, CRM and industry solutions with the advanced features of Office 365 and SharePoint for project work such as document versions, sharing, or search.



Easily create new workspaces and start collaborating in your project.

External team members

You define whether and in which areas external partners collaborate in the project.


Easily find, share and edit documents – and separate confidential from public documents.

Planning & reporting

Keep track of status and progress of all your projects in the company.

Full-text search

Intuitively search for projects, documents, staff and more…

Integrate your ERP and CRM

Extend your existing enterprise solutions with the modern tools of Office 365 and SharePoint.

Single Point of Entry

Get an overview over the project, the relevant information and the relevant tools – all at one glance.


Seamless is modern and intuitive. Thus, collaboration is efficient and diverting.

Mobile apps

Seamless is mobile responsive and can be efficiently used on any device.