Modern team work in a digital world

Mobiliar works with the standardised TeamSpaces as SharePoint project management platform

Modern SharePoint project management with TeamSpaces by AskMeWhy

Mobiliar wants to promote project collaboration with digital tools. With the introduction of SharePoint 2016 as part of the work@mobi initiative, Mobiliar is creating the necessary foundations for modern cooperation in projects and teams. Our project solution Seamless, on which Mobiliar’s TeamSpaces are based, simplifies working with SharePoint through its user-friendly and intuitive interface. Seamless TeamSpaces unify a coherent set of SharePoint collaboration capabilities and serve as a single-point-of-entry for project work that simplifies day-to-day work.
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The situation

In 2016, Mobiliar introduced SharePoint in the company to use OneNote. In order to further expand the potential of the collaboration platform, the next step was to support modern project management and project work with SharePoint.

Project teams and partners increasingly collaborate across locations. As a result, the requirements for speed, mobility and usability of a project platform increased. The previous project filing in a network file base showed various deficits: Interviews with stakeholders showed in particular missing versioning, full-text search, workflow support and collaboration functionalities as biggest shortcomings.

The goal was to bridge these requirements for modern project work and cross-site collaboration by using SharePoint workspaces.

The approach

Based on our project solution for Office 365 and SharePoint “Seamless”, we developed an individual solution for Mobiliar to handle the approximately 400 projects per year. In a pilot phase, the application was tested for its usability and its added value.  

Besides the user-friendliness of the solution, it was also important to map the existing organisation and processes in the project and team work. A wizard supports the compilation of standardised project structures as well as project and team workspaces. In addition to visibility and status of the workspace, project managers also determine the relationship to existing workspaces. Furthermore, they choose the tools for cooperation and entitle the team members. Public documents in the workspace can be edited by the entire project team, confidential documents only by authorised persons.

The result

With the TeamSpaces based on Seamless by AskMeWhy, Mobiliar now has a central project platform that simplifies collaboration in projects and teams. It offers all tools for project work and integrates i.a. project information, documents, appointments and contacts. By means of “self-service”, new work spaces can be created quickly and easily and team members can start working on the content immediately. In addition, project managers can independently maintain the project information as well as the access rights in the workspace.

The TeamSpaces are the “single point of entry” in teamwork with modern tools and standardised processes. This way, the project teams can get an overview of the work status or edit documents at any time and from anywhere. Thanks to agile team collaboration, projects at Mobliar can now be implemented even more efficiently.

Where next?

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