Hero Switzerland optimises project workflows with Seamless

Standardised workflows and improved collaboration with Seamless for Office 365 and SharePoint

Hero Switzerland optimises project collaboration

Hero Switzerland as part of the global Hero Group faced the challenge of simplifying collaboration of multi-site project teams and standardising project workflows. It was the requirement, that improvals were based on Office 365 and SharePoint Online. Therefore, AskMeWhy helped developping an attractive, central platform for project work. Based on the modern project solution Seamless, employees can now simply open workspaces, provide the relevant tools for project work, invite internal and external team members and immediately start work on the content – all via self-service.
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The situation

The Hero Group is an international food manufacturer founded in 1886 employing a total of 4,300 people in 16 countries today. As part of the “Connect & Share” initiative, Hero Switzerland aimed at modernising the exchange of information and cooperation in projects and teams. Thus, cross-site collaboration should be more agile, sharing content easier. Therefore, AskMeWhy supported Hero develop a user-friendly and responsive solution that reflects existing project workflows, simplifies content work for employees, and strengthens the acceptance of SharePoint Online as a corporate project platform.

The approach

Within a few weeks, we were able to implement a tailor-made version of Seamless at Hero Switzerland. Now, project work starts with a clear start page, where users can see their relevant projects, documents and tasks at a glance. With one click they reach the start page of the respective project and quickly get an overview of current documents, tasks, milestones, risks, stakeholders and more. In addition, special reports show the status of all user-relevant projects in the company.

New projects are requested via self-service and opened by the project managers. Members can easily be added or deleted. This allows for a swift start of new projects and relieves the burden on IT. With its responsive design, Seamless also allows access on the go via smartphone or tablet.

The result

With Seamless, Hero Switzerland simplifies processes in challenging projects and promotes the cooperation of cross-site teams with internal and external members. Thanks to Seamless, the exchange of information has become much easier. Sharing of documents is now much easier and they can be edited by serveral users simultaneously. Overall, project work became more agile, as team members can now access the projects anytime, anywhere. As a result, Hero Switzerland has significantly optimised processes in their projects. Additionally, the use of Seamless has increased the acceptance of SharePoint Online as a project platform. Finally, also the IT was significantly relieved, since workspaces can now be implemented by project managers via self-service and equipped with the relevant project tools.

Where next?

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