Project Work & Collaboration
Simplify collaboration
with Office 365
for projects and teams
Seamless scales up to 500’000 projects
Would you like to use Office 365 or SharePoint as project platform?
Would you like to start working on a new project within seconds and invite external contributors?
Would you like to easily locate and access your projects, documents and relevant information?
With Seamless you reach your relevant project information with only one click.
You directly access your documents, tasks and functions from your digital Workplace,
whether your organization processes 100, 1’000 or 100’000 projects!
Find your Documents with ease!
Various filters and integrated search function allow you
to easily access your documents without having
to change into the SharePoint Document library.
Frequently used functions are controlled via
the pop-up menu.
Everything at a glance!
The project overview is the single point of entry
into the Seamless Digital Workplace. For an easy
Project and Document access, Users directly attach
their current projects and documents to it.
To not forget any Tasks, all Tasks from all
your Projects are displayed on your Digital Workplace.
The activity feed keeps you informed about current
activities in the project .
Find projects with simplicity!
Seamless integrates a powerful project search
which alows you to easily switch between Workspaces.
Organizing links to Project Workspaces in
emails, favorites or Desktop Shortcuts
falls off thereby.
Start your Project Work in seconds!
“Self-Service” is a basic idea of seamless.
Project Teams can create their Project Workspace
for collaboration with internal and external Partners
within seconds and immediatly start collaborating.
In an Enterprise environment , the creation of
new Project Workspaces can be coupled
and automatet from your ERP System
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Efficient Project Work
with Office 365 and SharePoint

Easily find and access Project Workspaces

Seamless provides specialized search capabilities, which make rapid switching among projects possible. Organizing links to project spaces in emails, browser favorites or desktop shortcuts are omitted.

High Scalability

Seamless supports up to 500’000 Project Workspaces.

Multi Language Support

Do you work in international Project Teams? Seamless speaks multilanguage.

Do more in less time

All relevant functions are integrated into the project pages, which is why frequent work becomes much easier. By reducing mouse clicks and waiting times Seamless increases your productivity.

Always on Time

Tasks and appointments are key element of project work. In the project overview all tasks and deadlines for all projects of the current user are listed.

Realtime KPIs from your ERP

Seamless visualizes Project Metrics directly from your ERP System.

Meeting Minutes & Notes

Each Project Workspace includes a OneNote Notebook shared for the Project Team. OneNote is particularly well suited for the recording of meetings and interacts seamlessly together with Microsoft Outlook.

Easily connect with external Partners

Seamless extends the SharePoint contacts in order to control the access permissions on external Project Participants. They can be directly integrated from your existing CRM system (Dynamics CRM Online, Abacus, SAP, Cobra, … ).

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed informs Team Members about Activities in their Project, which especially in distributed teams optimizes the flow of information. Employees are more involved with the project and connected with the company.

Simple control of Access Rights

Access to Content can be easily controlled so that there is always clarity about who has the rights to contribute or to read Project Content.

Easily find offerings, concepts and other relevant content

Seamless integrates Search directly in your Project Rooms. Switching between Workspace and SharePoint search center thereby falls away.
Move from filesystem to Office 365 or SharePoint
Would you like to move Projectwork from your filesystem to Office 365 or SharePoint? The intuitive information architecture and document organization simplifies structured storage and easy access.


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